About Us

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Lotusfeet works with co-operatives and small family businesses in the Philippines. We design and produce high quality jewellery and fashion accessories; employing Fair Trade principals and using natural and sustainable materials.

Our Mission

Lotusfeet was set up to help promote the creative and beautiful work of Philippine artisans; to support them in their efforts to generate sustainable incomes and fair wages, through maintaining long-term trading relationships and opportunities. The co-operative we work with was set up to provide sustainable livelihood opportunities for displaced communities and is WFTO Philippines certified (World Fair Trade Organisation). The co-ops’ primary focus is to design, manufacture, distribute and market jewellery and fashion accessories.

We also work with smaller family businesses, both as mentors and business partners, helping to provide new skills and economic security through regular employment and patronage.

Our Support With Your Help

Lotusfeet are members and sponsors of the Go Green Philippines scheme, a sustainable environmental program to revitalise the Philippine ecosystem and sustain the Philippine fashion accessories industry.

The project is concerned with Reforestation, Forest Management, a coastal Environmental Program and livelihood projects for rural communities.

The first phase of this long term project has been the replenishment of one hundred hectares of barren land with the plantation and cultivation of the lush mamalis tree, a source of white wood predominately used by the fashion and jewellery industry of the Philippines.

Through your purchase and support of our collection we are able to contribute to the schemes projects and to date Lotusfeet have planted 1,500 trees.